The Digital Card YOU Create and Manage ... BY YOURSELF.  It's EZ!
EZ Cards are easy, powerful, and flexible.
Every EZ Card has amazing features, unlimited custom tabs, color schemes, multimedia compatibility, advanced marketing and notifications options, and best of all, it's EZ to create and maintain!
World's Most Powerful V-Card!
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  •    $12.50/month, hosting included!  (payable annually, $150)
       FREE for Qualifying Non-Profits!  See details below.
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YES!  We are a school, church, community group or non-profit organization, and would like to learn about your FREE EZcard Program for qualifying non-profits!  We understand that this could also be a fund-raiser for us, and that a brief application is required.  Please activate our Free Trial and contact us with more information.**

 ** To qualify for our Free EZcard program for non-profits, a school, church or faith-group, 501c3, community service group, community fundraising event, etc., will need to be sponsored by an EZcard Community Member who will assist with EZcard setup and help to manage the account.  Some large non-profits with large budgets and full-time employees are ineligible for this offer.  Using the Free program as a fund-raiser for your organization is optional, but it's a great way to receive our free technology and earn 25% on each EZcard sale.  The number of free EZcards will vary with each application.